Dental Care


Did you know 85% of animals over 3 years of age have some form of dental disease? 


We cannot stress enough how important dental care is to our pets. Dogs and cats instinctively do not show pain, as this is a sign of weakness making them vulnerable. Therefore it is up to us to pick up the signs and treat according.

Some of the clinical signs we see with dental disease include;

  • Bad breath- even the common dog breath smell commonly described by owners is a sign of plaque build-up

  • Leaving food behind

  • Chattering

  • Chewing on one side consistently

  • Losing weight

  • Lethargic- often not picked up by owners until they notice the massive improvement after dental clean has been performed. Many people claim their dog is like it is a puppy again.


So what can be done to keep your pet's teeth in good condition?

  • The ultimate would be to brush your pets teeth, just as we brush our own. Surprisingly many pets actually tolerate this very well. We sell special brushes and paste here at the clinic- it is important to not use human tooth paste on your dog or cat as this can be toxic.

  • Antibacterial washes- to either include in your pets drinking water, or to spray in their mouth

  • Ensuring your pet is using their teeth as God designed them- this means fresh bones(not cooked!), pigs ears, or try Greenies & Oravet dental chews. We stock these here at the surgery so feel free to pop in.

  • Dry biscuits are preferred rather than tinned food as the daily diet for your pet. Even better than this many brands such as Advance and Hill's have their own 'dental diet". We stock both these brands here at the surgery

  • Get your pets teeth cleaned here at the surgery- this means a full mouth examination where things such as root exposure, tooth abscesses and loose and painful teeth are detected, then teeth are all cleaned using our special dental machine, and polished.