Arthritis is a very common condition in both dogs AND CATS! Here are some easy tips that you can do at home to easy your pets discomfort.

  • Ensure they have soft bedding to lie on- hard cold floors exacerbate problems

  • Ensure exercise is regular and often- short and sweet is a lot better than long walks less often.

  • Minimise drastic exercise e.g. jumping for balls and Frisbees and make sure you always allow your animal to warm into the exercise

  • Minimise the amount of stairs your pet uses

  • Diets and supplements: Hill's j/d, Glucosamine, Sasha's blend and 4cyte are just a couple of options.

  • Try to keep your pet warm- keeping them inside at night is one option, as well as getting them a dog coat. We have plenty of different styles here at the surgery so feel free to come in and have a look.

  • Cartrophen injections: we have had wonderful feedback about the improvement with Cartrophen injections at our clinic, and have many patients receiving them. They help immensely with joint health, and are


It is important to tailor the treatment to your pet therefore we recommend having a short consult at the clinic to discuss what would be best for your pet.