Bovine Ephemeral Fever - 3 Day Sickness



3 day sickness is a disease of cattle seen predominantly in Eastern Australia. The typical time period where cases tend to increase is January to April.


Clinical signs include fever and inappetence, muscle stiffness, and massive drops in milk production. The disease tends to progress over 3 days, as the name aptly suggests and the majority of animals tend to recover after this period. However, bulls and high producing cows tend to be hit the hardest and may require treatment. If you are unsure about whether your animal requires treatment for 3 days sickness we recommend giving the clinic a call and speaking to one of the veterinarians.


Prevention is always better than a cure! Bovine Ephemeral Fever vaccination is available and is best administered prior to Summer. The decision that producers should make is whether the cost of vaccination is  worth while for their herd. At a minimum we recommend all bulls be vaccinated as a high fever can decrease semen quality for months, and even lifelong in some bulls.